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We meet most Monday nights upstairs at the Palmer Arms in Dorney, from 7:30pm. If you're interested in joining, drop in and say hello.

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Summer Competition Results Announced (2018-11-10 16:36:36)

Members of the Slough Writers group took on a challenging brief this summer when they were asked to write a short story from the viewpoint of an inanimate object. The results were announced on Monday 5th November.

  • First and the SW Summer Competition Trophy: One Carrot Gold by Lorraine Forrest-Turner
  • Second place: CFEF by William Campbell
  • 3rd place: Eleanor's Engagement by Robert Kibble

There were two highly commended stories: The Lippinazer Glass by Carol Breuer and Dave and Mike by Julian Davidson

Photographed from left to right are: Carol Breuer, Lorraine Forrest-Turner, Richard Palmer, William Campbell and Robert Kibble (Julian Davidson could not attend the presentation).

(Pic show the judge Richard Palmer)

The judge, poet and former English teacher Richard Palmer, said, "The competition produced some imaginative and daring writing. I was impressed with the way stories were constructed and the humanity shown in the way writers treated their characters. I also learnt a lot about Scottish history, quantum theory and the manufacture of fine Bohemian glassware!"

Richard continued, "The most successful stories, in my view, held most firmly in mind the fact that a tale was to be told... There had to be some kind of narrative drive... Another important consideration was the personality of the object. That personality should be coloured by the material or shape or function of the object, and the more successful stories did this, their objects exhibiting pride, a knowledge of art theory, empathy with a character wearing it."

(This report by Lorraine Forrest Turner, pictures by Michael Pearcy.)

Slough Writers Annual Awards 2017 - 2018 (2018-07-20 20:28:49)

Writer of the Year – Robert Kibble

Taylor Award for Services to the Group – Edward Harte

New Writer Award – Jenny Downing

Sandy Lee-Guard Award for Endeavour – Harvey Martin

Our picture shows the award winners - from the left Harvey Martin ( Endeavour ), Edward Harte (Services), Jenny Downing (Best Newcomer) and Robert Kibble (Writer of the Year).

Poetry Competition Results 2018 (2018-07-20 20:13:56)

On the theme of plastic, the poetry competition inspired a diverse range of subjects and styles. The winning poem, Memory by Lee Taylor, looked at a soldier suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

William Campbell announced the winners of this year’s poetry competition, which was set and judged by members of the Suffolk based Halesworth Library Writing Group. Sally East and Wally Smith, both ex-Slough Writers, now live in Suffolk and attend the Halesworth Library Writing Group. William passed on detailed comments from the judges to all entrants.

  • First and the SW Poetry Competition Trophy: Memory by Lee Taylor
  • Second place: Inelastic Scattering by Robert Kibble
  • 3rd place: Plastics by Michael Pearcy

Picture shows poetry competition winners Lee Taylor (seated centre with trophy); second Robert Kibble (seated right); third place Mike Pearcy (seated left). Standing are Lorraine Forrest-Turner and Harvey Martin who were highly commended.

Theatre Director Julian Fox Speaks at SW Meeting (2018-06-08 20:22:32)

Our feature visiting speaker for the Summer Session was Julian Fox, one of the driving forces behind Stage One Youth, a multi award winning amateur theatre group based in Maidenhead and aimed at 14-21 year olds. Julian talked about the challenges and delights of working with this age group, his own writing and his experiences as a theatre director.

Stage One Youth aim at one professionally resourced production each year and they include among their achievements Miss Saigon, Grease and last year Phantom of the Opera. Phantom starred SW member Elaine Simmond's son Harry playing the lead. The show was awarded the District 14 NODA Best Musical Award. Julian was keen to point out that this award was for overall best musical not simply best youth musical. Several of Stage One Youth's past members are now working professionally in the theatre and one is currently in a West End Show.

Julian gave an inspiring and entertaining talk which included a lot of information about the opportunities for writers in youth theatre including a list of subjects that people in this age group are concerned about, which is an intriguing challenge for any writer.

The picture shows Harry Simmonds as the Phantom with Eve Shanu-Wilson playing Christine. This photo courtesy of My World My Eyes.

Result of 2018 Story Competition (2018-04-20 17:31:36)

  • Joint 1st and the SW Story Competition Trophy: The Problem With The Fridge by Robert Kibble
  • Joint 1st and the SW Story Trophy: Number Forty-Seven by Michael Pearcy
  • 3rd: Acting Up by Terry Adlam

Mike and Rob share the honours in our Story Competition result.

Picture shows Terry Adlam on the left next to Michael Pearcy who was joint winner with Robert Kibble. Extream right is David England whose story Pearls of Wisdom was highly commended.

The task was to write a humorous short story. Our judge was Julian Hirst actor, stage director and comedy guru at South Hill Park. Unfortunately, Julian was unable to attend due to a heavy rehearsal schedule for his current production. However, he he provided very detailed and focussed comments on all the entries which were read out by member Lorraine Forrest-Turner who also announced the result and presented the trophy. Julian was unable to attend due to a heavy rehearsal schedule for his current production.

Slough Writers Gold Anthology (2018-04-19 10:20:59)

Below the members of Slough Writers with their Gold Anthology, a collection of contributions from 29 of our writers published to celebrate our 50 years as a writing group - the most productive and active group in the country - possibly!

Slough Writers next meeting on 23rd April is a manuscript night. Read some of your work and benefit from supportive, positive comments. Click here for our full Summer programme.

RESULTS ARTICLE COMPETITION 2017 (2017-12-31 09:02:16)

Mike wins article competition for fourth consecutive year

From left: Robert Kibble, Mike Pearcy, William Campbell and Edward Harte.

Report by Lorraine Forrest-Turner

Mike Pearcy has beaten the odds and taken first place again in this year's article competition.

The theme of the competition was the world we are living in today, and his article Hunger In The Shadows (about food banks in the UK) was a clear winner with the highest number of first place rankings.

Two articles were awarded second place The Chains Of Convenience by Robert Kibble and You Have Never Had It So Good by Edward Harte.

Robert's article asked whether we are in danger of being ruled by the convenient world we have created, while Edward looked at rising student debt and the legacy his generation has left for the next.

Mike was both delighted and embarrassed to have won the competition four times in a row. Last year, he even ran an evening on how to write a winning article for the group.

But, while the standard of entries was exceptionally high this year, no-one matched Mike's ability to research an important modern-day subject and write a well-rounded, fact-filled article.

The competition was judged by all nine entrants, each one writing a short review of the other entries before ranking them from first to eighth place.

While Mike's article remained in top place throughout the ranking, every entrant received a first, second or third place by at least one other entrant.

Adjudicator William Campbell was keen to point out that "the value of entrant-judged competitions is not necessarily in the ranking but in the writing of the article, the reviewing of others' work and the assimilation of feedback on one 's own work."

The theme of the competition attracted a wide range of subjects, including technology, psychology, religion and education.

News of the next Slough Writers Group competition will be announced in January 2018.