Member: James Corrin

Thank you for visiting my page! I am a writer of short stories, chiefly in sci-fi or dark fantasy themes. I've been a member of Slough Writers for seven years and in this time have built up a reputation for knowing about the wierd, the strange and the technological.

My first love of writing has to be vampire stories - it's where I started and I still enjoy exploring the possibilities of everlasting life through vampire characters. Though just for a change, I do like to explore the other side through Death - yes, guardian of the newly dead, but not like you've ever seen before. This Death leaves business cards...

I have a website featuring some of my work at The Dark Library. I hope you enjoy what you read.


2nd place in the Scribble Xmas Short Story Competiton.

Also published in Scribble Magazine.

Numerous reviews on They seem to have gone down well.

Several stories on several defunct vampire interest sites.



Science fiction

Technology (computers, phones, devices...)

Photography and Alternative Fashion - see my other website at




Science fiction


And Another Thing...

Check out Gothique by Kyle Marffin - one of my favourite vampire novels.