Member: Kay Woods



I enjoy reading and writing poetry and short stories. I love being moved by beautiful, captured moments.

I really like running my own business and creating new products to sell. It keeps me very busy in all my spare time.

I am kept very busy being a mother to two little girls (aged 3 and 5) plus childminding for a few extras and running my own business, so I don't get a lot of time for hobbies...

Nevertheless, hobbies other than writing include tracing my family tree, playing squash, and using my telescope.


I know quite a lot about child development. I also have a reasonably good business head and am good at writing marketing materials.

My background is in astronomy/astrophysics and although I've since forgotten quite a lot of it I still think of myself as a scientist. My pre-children jobs were in marketing for technical/scientific companies.

Today my main expertise is the best way to balance the school run/ shopping/ keeping the childminded kids alive/ making dinner etc. with making sure I still get time to do the things that really make me feel myself like going to Slough Writers Group.