Member: Merle Fletcher

I have been a member of Slough Writers, on and off, for many years. In my early days with the group I was chairperson for a year.

I love the sound of words and stringing them together to create a story which is what I most like to write.


I love to travel and some of the countries I have been to include: Italy, India, Egypt, Kenya, China, Japan, Peru, Sicily, Thailand, Caribbean and have travelled in Europe. I now want to go to the Artic, New Zealand, Canada, see the Norwegian fjiords and more of America.

I also enjoy the theatre, cinema, 60s music, wildlife, yoga, gardening and generally enjoying life.

I like reading about real life crime and the history of the North American Indians. I love westerns.


When I first joined Slough Writers I won the Writer of the Year trophy. Over the years I have won lst, 2nd and 3rd prizes within the group for stories, articles and poems. I am a former regular writer of 'racy' stories in Forum Magazine. I have also had articles and poetry published.


Not sure if I have any but I did once run a disco for 'under seventeens!' I was a Samaritan for many years and in the past 20 years have taught all age groups from nursery to adults, including special needs.