Member: Paul Stimpson

I have been associated with Slough Writers for many years but I have only been a fully paid up member since 2006.

Before this I all my creative energy went into Total Theatre Workshop Company, which is a Windsor based drama group.

Over the course of 20 years the "improvisational" approach of the group allowed me to develop my acting, directing and writing skills.

I now find the Monday night sessions at the Greyhound equally simulating and challenging.

In addition to continuing to write plays, my big ambition is to write a social history about what happened to all of the soldiers after they returned from the battle of Waterloo. I have been researching this for over five years but haven't managed to get very much written yet.

My aim is to produce the book, with the working title of Rich man, Poor man, Beggar man, Thief, before the 200th anniversary of the battle in 2015.

In the meantime I am looking for opportunities to get my plays performed again.


I have had the following plays performed, mostly in conjunction with Slough Writers and Total Theatre Workhsop.

The Shopping Experience which is a short play about shopping....

A Walking Shadow which is a full length play about the mysterious death of Christopher Marlowe.

After Vermeer which tells the story the forger Hans Van Megereen.

Ingrid which explores the life of a film star.

Money Matters which is a modern morality play.

The Knights Tale which transports Chaucer's story to a German prisoner of war camp.

I have also written a number of sketches and adaptations which have been performed over the years.


In addition to writing and the theatre my interest include:

Cricket. (I have been a member of Moreton Cricket Club for 30 years)

5-a-side Football. (I still turn out to play one or twice a week)

Oxford United FC (Having supported them through the glory years, I find it hard to watch them in the Conference)

Military modeling (You can guess what period from looking at my expertise below)

Town Planning (I have both a personal and professional interest in what happens in Slough)


My "specialist subject" is the Battle of Waterloo. I have a large data base containing the biographical details of thousands of men, and a few women, who took part in the battle.