Member: Sally Clarke

A child of the Fifties, born in London but have lived most of my life in Buckinghamshire. My love of poetry began when my mother died and my father gave me a book of poems that she had written in her early twenties. I asked my father if I could post my mother's work online. He thought it would be a wonderful idea and I did so.

While I was looking through her poems, I thought that I might have a go and the rest is history.


Three poems in The Poemhunter Anthology 2005 Inaugural Issue... Derelict, Dolphins and Enigma.

One poem Sparkling Windows...Or Not! in Forgotten Dreams, An Anthology edited by Amanda Read and published by Dogma Publications 2006



Photography... See my Flickr pages here...Sally's Flickr

Browsing in old bookshops


Splashing in puddles and kicking up autumn leaves!


25 years working with pre-school children.