Members' Websites

James Corrin
Author of sci-fi and dark fantasy short stories.
John Woodcock
I help people to create their memoirs.
Kay Woods
Author of Start Learning child development books (2012 Tarquin) and writer of short stories
Keith Scudamore
Literary explorer
Lee Taylor
Is the glass half full or half empty? - What glass?
Lorraine Forrest-Turner
Copywriter, playwright and communication skills trainer
Merle Fletcher
Hi, I'm Merle Fletcher. I mainly write short stories but also some articles and poems.
Michael Pearcy
Mainly one-act pieces for stage, radio, film plus short stories which I occasionally develop into one-act pieces. for stage, radio or film
Paul Stimpson
Writer of short plays available to be performed
Rachel Harvey
I'll give anything a go if I feel I have a good enough idea.
Ray Essen
Science writer
Roy Cecil
Occasional short story and poem writer and exemplar of creative lethargy.
Sally Clarke
A traveller on a newly discovered literary journey.
Sally East
Writer of fiction (adult and children's), non-fiction and poetry
Non-fiction author and photographer, journalist and publisher's serf.
Non-fiction author and photographer, journalist and publisher's serf.
Ted Jones
Travel, biography and general interest articles. Non-fiction books.
Terry Adlam
Comedy Scriptwriter? Don't make me laugh... Oh go on then!
Tony Matthews
Writes plays, poems, stories
Tony Rossiter
Published author of non-fiction books and articles
Wally Smith
Wally Smith: I write short stories, poetry and plays. And I have published two novels:[i]The Intricate Soul[/i] and [i]Empirical Evidence[/i], both available through Amazon and Kindle.
Wendy Naylor
Travelling the path of life is the best way to get to know yourself
William Campbell
Collaborations, journalism, fiction, poems and plays.