Summer Competition - winning scripts

The plays are listed in winning order.


Make-Up by Terry Adlam

Must the show go on?

Bob M 56 Old comedian. Slightly jaded. Very untidy person.
Roy M 55 Old comedian. Still enthusiastic. Very neat person.
Compere M Typical northern club compere.

Sweet Peas by Tony Matthews

In the geriatric ward, Nurse Jenkins and Mort, the spider, threaten Vera's will to live. But last night, just as she was about to yield, something came over her.

Vera F Early 80s Bird-like, assertive, politically aware, forgetful at times but still with her wits about her.
Pearl F Mid 70s Born in Trinidad, bulkily-built, cheery and friendly.
Rita F Late 70s Bed-ridden with dementia, fearful of people.
Jenkins F 40-ish Overworked nurse, tight-lipped and pushy, but a human being beneath her starchy exterior.

A New Beginning by Paul Stimpson

Through a mystical journey of prose and song Adam is persuaded by his pupil to give his failed relationship with his wife one more chance.

Adam M Middle aged Tutor at a school for Teaching English as a Foreign language.
Katrina F Young Foreign student.
Gunter M Young Student (walk on part at the end).

The Arborist and the Biologist - a fable by William Campbell

S&M frolics unmask a tragedy of Selfishness & Meddling.

Hugh M adult Tree chopper to chain of own companies.
Jen F adult Graduate to senior scientist in agro-industry.

Saw the Last of Day by Jenni Heward-Craig

Dying man calls in a promise from an old lover

Nurse F Large woman, friendly in an overly-familiar way.
Watson M A woman of a certain age.
Holmes M John Connelly, older than Watson