Autumn Session 2017
Sep 4 Members. AGM. Social and chat. With a drink to the coming year.
Article Comp. The world we are living in today. 1,000 words. Self-judged.

Summer competition deadline.

Sep 11 Manuscript.
Sep 18 Workshop. Literary nonfiction. Led by Mike.
Sep 25 Manuscript.
Oct 2 Speaker. Dom Oliver. Screenwriting.
Oct 9 Workshop. Free writing. Led by Jules.

Article competition deadline.

Oct 16 Manuscript. Someone else reads out your work.
Oct 18 Committee meeting.
Oct 23 Workshop. tba. Led by Carol Breuer.
Oct 27 Plays Showcase at Burnham Library. 27th, 28th October.
Oct 30 Workshop. Writing styles. Led by Lorraine.
Nov 6 Results. Summer Competition. With Debbie Christie. Results and read.
Nov 13 Manuscript.
Nov 20 Workshop. When only a poem will do. Led by Elaine.
Nov 27 Manuscript.
Dec 4 Results. Article Competition. Results and read.
Jan 8 Start of Spring Term.

For evening optional [preparation] details, see preceding minutes.
An urgent manuscript can be read on any evening, see the Chair beforehand.

Programme updated 15 August 2017